Life Hacks On Saving Water This Summer

With summer in South Florida in full swing, having life hacks on saving water can help lessen the load of that dreaded summer utility bill. Of course there are many ways in saving water, the most obvious one being not to use it, but let’s be realistic. In the blazing South Florida heat, not using water is a sure-fire way to ruin your day and anyone around you. However, there are simple, yet effective, ways you can save water this summer. These life hacks are sure to keep you comfortable while not breaking the bank.

Only Take Showers, No Baths

This may seem like a stab in the heart for those who takes baths to relieve stress, but a bathtub often uses up 4 times the water needed for a regular 10 minute bath. That means a standard tub filled up is equivalent to taking a 40 minute shower. Also, keep in mind that when bathing in a tub full of soap, you also need to rinse your body off which then adds even more water usage.

All of this is not to mention the fact that according to Amazon, the most popular bath tub sold is over twice the size of the standard tub size, doubling water consumption. Remember also that as these temperatures rise, the temptation to bathe will probably also rise to the level of fighting that doughnut at work on your first day of a diet.Tub On Amazon

Turn Off Water While Brushing Your Teeth

This one may seem like an insignificant action or small way to save water, but given that most people brush there teeth twice a day (which I’m sure everybody is doing), those 2 minutes spent brushing your teeth can average out to 4 minutes or more a day. Also, those 4 minutes are only covering a single person, so with a typical family of 4, that quickly becomes 16 minutes of running water a day.

Fix All Leaks, Don’t Let It Worsen

While this seems like a simple enough solution, in South Florida, running leaks cost Florida residents millions of dollars a year. The problem with leaks are that most people don’t realize they have one until it’s too late. Leaks can cause massive damage to the structure of your home or place of business, not to mention the money lost on running water.

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