Open faucet

Unfortunately, over time and wear, even the best faucets need either replacing or a simple repair. Malfunctioning faucets, if not tended to properly, can lead to several hundred dollars of wasted water over the course of a year. Thankfully, most faucets today come heavily durable and typically need very few parts changed to bring it back to working condition. Unseemly stains on marble counters are also a common victim of leaking and malfunctioning faucets.

With technology constantly growing, so to does it carry over to the faucet industry, so it’s important that plumbing technicians are highly knowledgable in the growing industry. At Catoe & Son Plumbing, all our service technicians are expertly trained on all new and emerging faucet technologies. Need a new faucet? We also provide brand new faucets ready for installation. We offer the following brand faucets.

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